You've run out of chips to play MyVegas with on Facebook and you need more; where do you look? Here's a quick guide that runs through all of the major ways that you can get free chips without paying for them.

If you really enjoy the game though, please support it so that MyVegas lives on. There are even some nice perks to purchasing chips like potentially being able to redeem more than the standard number of rewards on your next trip!

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    MyVegas' Daily Bonus Spin

    Your daily spin is one of the top ways to earn free chips to play MyVegas with each day. Even if you don't play MyVegas each day, make sure to login and complete your bonus spin. The more days you've consecutively spun the wheel, the more your reward is multiplied by up to 3X. You'll also want to make sure that plenty of your friends are playing MyVegas, as you'll earn up to 500X more on each spin!

    MyVegas Game Screenshot
    MyVegas Game Screenshot
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    MyVegas' Hotels on The Strip

    Next to your daily bonus spin, the next best way to collect chips is by collecting from the hotels that you have built on the strip. Each property can be collected from multiple times per day, which can really add up. Best of all sometimes collecting from the strip can earn you loyalty points. Just like the daily spin, make sure that you collect from the strip even if you don't play the slots each day. This way you'll have plenty of chips when you are ready to give the reels a spin.

    MyVegas Game Screenshot
    MyVegas Game Screenshot
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    MyVegas' Gifts from Friends

    As mentioned having lots of facebook friends that play MyVegas is key. In addition to all of the other perks mentioned in this guide, your friends send you chips as gifts. The more friends you have, the more chips you receive in the form of gifts. If you have enough friends you can collect a few thousand chips each time you login to play the game.

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    MyVegas & MGM E-Mails

    Make sure that you check the e-mail address associated with the facebook account that you are using to play MyVegas. While they come on no set schedule, MyVegas occasionally e-mails people chips as an incentive to come back and play the game. The image below shows their recent Thanksgiving offer of 30,000 free chips! The only catch is that you have to act quickly as they typically expire within a few days.

    In addition to e-mails from MyVegas, make sure to sign up for offers from the individual MGM properties in Las Vegas. They almost always include a link that you can click on to claim anywhere from 500 to 1,000 free chips and are sent out on a regular basis.

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    Liking Facebook Pages

    Make sure that you have liked the Official MyVegas Facebook Page. The page typically gives out at least a few thousand chips a day that you can collect. You might want to also consider liking the Las Vegas MGM properties on Facebook and Twitter as they have been know to give out chips that way as well. Liking the Official MyVegas Facebook Page will also help keep you in the loop as to any game updates or special announcements.

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    Your Facebook Activity Feed

    Whenever other MyVegas players that you are friends with on facebook level up, collect their daily spin or win a big jackpot, status updates can be shared through the game. Each MyVegas status update from friends allows you to collect a nominal number of chips. However you have to be quick if you want to collect them, as they can only be claimed by 25 friends before they are dead.

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    Unofficial MyVegas Facebook Pages & Groups

    MyVegas has lots of players and there are a multitude of facebook groups devoted to the game. The main goal of joining these groups is to collect chips and find other people on facebook who are also playing the game. The more facebook friends you have that play MyVegas, the easier it is to get lots of chips for free.

    One of the best facebook communities devoted to the game is "MyVEGAS Gifts, Guides & Giveaways." This page collects all of the recent chip links that are put out for players to collect. If you have never collected any of these links, you can easily earn in excess of 50,000 chips by clicking on all of the links found on this page.


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