The Denver Nuggets have made the NBA Finals for the very first time in franchise history, and the ticket prices show just how excited Colorado is about it. How much are tickets to go see them win it all in person at Ball Arena?

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Denver Nuggets NBA Finals Tickets

After nearly 50 years, the Denver Nuggets have reached the NBA Finals for the very first time. It was a long climb to the top, and now their first World championship is within reach. Four more wins is what it's going to take, and this next and final round could be their toughest challenge yet.

The Miami Heat clinched their spot in the 2023 NBA Finals after a hard-fought seven-game Eastern Conference Finals series with the Boston Celtics. They literally flew from Boston to Denver to get ready to take on the Western Conference Champion Denver Nuggets tomorrow night, June 1st, at the Ball Arena. They're tired and beat up, but clearly they want to win it all just like we do. How much is it going to cost to go see a NBA Finals game is person?

How Much Are Denver Nuggets NBA Finals Tickets?

In the regular season, you can usually find a ticket for under $100 to see the Nuggets play at Ball Arena. That's not the case at all to be able to see them make history in the NBA Finals though. As seen below, the cheapest seat on the Nuggets' official Ticketmaster page is just shy of $600. And that's to sit up in the very top corner of the arena. Granted, they have the giant Ball Arena Board, but if you're just going to stare at a screen, you could buy a giant TV, snacks, drinks, and more to watch the entire series at home for the price of two nosebleed seats, maybe cheaper. Is it cheaper to fly to Miami to see them?

Ticketmaster Screenshot
Ticketmaster Screenshot

How Much Are Miami Heat NBA Finals Tickets?

If you wanted to take the trip to see them in Miami, the prices aren't a whole lot better. You can get a standing-room-only ticket for about $450, otherwise, tickets are about the same price as seeing them in Denver. as seen below.

Ticketmaster Screenshot
Ticketmaster Screenshot

I've been a Nuggets fan for my entire life, and I'd love to be in the building to witness history, but these prices will keep me at home watching the game with my family, like millions of other Nuggets Fans. I'd imagine the Nuggets will be hosting various watch parties similar to what the Avalanche did last year so you'll have a place to gather and celebrate with fans, even if it's not from a $600 nosebleed seat in the Ball Arena. Nuggets Nation, it's finally our time. Go Nuggets!

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