Where would you take it if you could find a time machine in Colorado and go back to any date or event in our state? Our first stop would be one year ago. Do you remember why?

One Year Ago In Denver, Colorado, We Made History

Denver Nuggets Victory Parade
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I'm sure you've seen the Back to the Future movies, right? We've certainly all fantasized about going back to a certain time or place for a chance to re-do something or re-live a special moment.

As a lifelong Denver sports fan, I've been privileged enough to be here for every single professional sports championship we've ever won. Avs, Broncos, Rapids, Mammoth, even the one time our poor Colorado Rockies got swept in the World Series. I've seen it all!

Denver, Colorado, City Of Champions

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

One Championship that meant maybe the most to the city, outside of the Broncos Super Bowl wins, was the Denver Nuggets, finally bringing home an NBA Championship, and the Larry O'Brien trophy to Colorado.

This year's NBA Finals wrapped up this week, and the 18-time NBA Champion Boston Celtics held their parade in Downtown Boston. It made me reminisce about our massive and historic parade one year ago in the streets of Downtown Denver... You remember? Nearly one million of us were there for this!

The Greatest Moment In Nuggets History. Their Championship Parade

The 2023 NBA Championship Parade for our Denver Nuggets was absolutely spectacular. Firetrucks from all over Colorado loaded up with Nuggets players and staff and took over 17th Street in Downtown Denver. Here are some pix of the action that we caught at 17th and Wazee just outside of Union Station.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

The Nuggets Parade was so special... Anytime you get your first championship, it's just different. However, even though it was the Avs' third Stanley Cup Parade just two years ago, it was pretty damn special too!

Another Great Moment In Avalanche History. Their 2022 Championship Parade

The 2022 Stanley Cup Champions, Colorado Avalanche, took over the streets of Downtown Denver on June 30th, 2022, to celebrate the team's third Stanley Cup Championship, and we were there for all of the action.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

Now if we could just get the Broncos back on track, and the Rockies on track, at all, we'd really be cooking again in Colorado. I love my state!

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