Denver International Airport's security line has almost extended to Pena Boulevard. Just kidding (for now). But, it's lookin' pretty bad at DIA.

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DIA's security woes haven't lightened up as one of the busiest airports in the country faces staffing shortages. Pretty soon, the line will extend out to the parking lot, except there's no space there, either.

Ok, so just how bad is it really? A TikTok user named Chloeeleanorr shared a video of the security line at DIA weaving all the way through baggage claim — at 5 a.m. Chloe wrote that security was 'wrapping around the entire airport.'

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According to Denver7, the weekend of October 15 through 17, DIA saw over 200,000 travelers, and didn't really have the staff to handle that high volume. This has been going on for a few weeks now. On October 1, Twitter users also shared photos of the airport's security line in baggage claim. And, security line wait times are no longer posted on the DIA website.

As travel begins to pick back up after no one really did it in 2020, there aren't enough Transportation Service Administration (TSA) agents to get lines moving through quickly. Additionally, DIA janitors are on strike and there's basically no parking.

Fortunately, a bit of relief may be on the way for us here in Northern Colorado, or at least for those of us who want to go to Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Our regional airport in Loveland, FNL, is now offering direct flights to Hollywood and Las Vegas.

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