This is an unofficial 'Hold Onto Your Butt' alert. If you are flying out of Denver this weekend (Oct 15-17, 2021) you are far from being alone.

Denver International Airport may be a great spot for layovers, but if you are trying to get out of town, DIA is going to be testing your patience, it would seem.

Where is everyone going? Is the first question I had when I saw the news that DIA is expecting 209,000 travelers, which may exceed pre-pandemic records, as reported by Denver7.

  • A pre-Halloween Costume Extravaganza?
  • Do people really fly to Colorado for the air show?
  • Getting 'seeing the relatives this year' checked off before the holidays begin?
  • 'Anywhere but here', after all the non-traveling we've been doing?

I guess I hadn't been keeping track so I was surprised to hear that the airport will be opening the Pikes Peak lot (temporarily) to accommodate travelers; I didn't know that they've been closed because of a lack of shuttle drivers.

You can park in Pikes Peak until 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 16, 2021, when they'll be closing the lot again (they will keep shuttling people back and forth to the terminal.)

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Folks in Loveland have been commenting on the VERY long security lines they've been experiencing:

Heads up to anyone flying out of DIA. I’ve flown in/out of DIA nearly every week for nearly 16 years, but I’ve never seen security lines even close to this long. Luckily I’m an arrival tonight. I suspect there will be several that miss their flights this evening.
We were in the longest security line I have ever seen at DIA this morning. We barely made our flight. I have never seen it this bad before. Line started at baggage claim. Be sure to plan more time than usual if you are flying.
All the way to baggage claim at 4:30 this morning. Made my flight 4 minutes before they shut the doors.
It's probably due to the air show in Loveland
So, hold onto your butt and try to stay 'friendly' out there this weekend.
Get more on the travel woes from Denver 7 HERE.

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