The cast members from the original Saved By the Bell and the newer reboot series are adored by fans all around the world. People have watched this fictional group of friends grow up and navigate through their lives beginning in their early teens and now into adulthood. Recently, a few of Bayside High's former students were hanging out in Colorado together, which proves that in addition to the on-screen relationships, there were also real, lasting friendships made between the cast during the production of this sitcom too.

Several Saved By the Bell fans were excited to encounter none other than Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski in Castle Rock over the weekend. The SBTB OG's, Tiffani Thiessen and Mark Paul-Gosselaar, were seen taking on the 200-step challenge hill at Philip S. Miller Park. Following their hike, the iconic duo stopped to snap a photo at the beautiful location. Through some Instagram investigating, it appears that the reason the actors came to Colorado was to visit with old friends.

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