Loveland homeowner Richard Stephens thinks it was politically motivated, saying numerous signs had been stolen from his yard during political season.

The 'Association says there have been complaints, although since this conflict began, neighbors have actually come to the Stephens' house just to compliment their yard.

No matter the true motivation of the Alford Meadows Community Association, it would be very disturbing to be told to remove some of your landscaping and home enhancements after you've worked hard on them and done a tasteful job!

So, are this retired Marine and his wife going to follow orders?  Nope!  They're adding even more yard decorations.

This particular H.O.A. allows six yard ornaments, and one of the most important items to the Stephens' isn't one of them:  Colleen's hand-made flag.

Now, the couple has gone to the next level:  Adding a giant sign in their yard discouraging people from buying a home in their neighborhood.

They say they have to protect their rights.

While I'm someone who avoids conflict most of the time, I would keep my landscaping, but I wouldn't start "firing missiles," i.e. doubling my decorations or putting up a giant sign.

H.O.A.'s in general give me a real attitude, though.  I like the general concept, yet I never see it do what it's supposed to do.  In my neighborhood, I'd prefer people not park cars in their yards, let their lawns die, or neglect their paint and house trim - but I see it.  However, there is a technical rule in our neighborhood that you're limited to two pets, which I'm glad they don't enforce.

At one point, we were told numerous neighbors were delinquent in their H.O.A. dues, so everyone else would need to pay the difference.  Yeah!  How many 'R's in "fat chance??"

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