Celebrating 25 years of gorgeous blooming flowers and creative creations!Daisy's, Roses, Lilies, Tulips, and waterfalls, the Greeley's Garden Tour is one to surely get you in the mood for Summer and put a smile on anyone's face. The best display of Greeley's talented green thumbs and creativity, is enjoyed at a self pace speed so you can be sure to not miss any detail of all the beautiful gardens. Some gardens are so detailed that a once over is not enough to truly appreciate the intricate work that these gardeners do.

Greeley's Garden Tour starts at 8am and will go to 2pm. Tickets are required so be sure to get them before Saturday. The tour is ran by volunteers that will help as guides at the homes and stops along the way for any questions about all the gardens. Be sure to thank them as you gaze upon some of Greeley's best landscapes this weekend. Get inspired to spruce up your garden as well and possibly be feature in the 26th annual Greeley Garden Tour!

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