For some reason the Millennial generation has been given the stereotype that they're "lazy, narcissistic job hoppers" that "expect to be rewarded for minimal accomplishments." Whether or not this is an accurate description of Millennials, MySpace's former CEO has something to say about them.

He thinks that's all a load of BS and believes brands need to start thinking differently about this misunderstood generation.

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Mike Jones (right) with Bob Guiney of 'The Bachelor.' John Sciulli/Getty Images

Mike Jones, co-founder and CEO of Science Inc. and the former CEO of MySpace (not to be confused with Tom, your first friend on MySpace) recently wrote a guest piece for Fortune's Tools of the Trade, a weekly series featuring different leaders in business who offer tips for other businesses. With having worked for MySpace, a social media platform which many Millennials grew up using, I think he probably knows more than a thing or two about them.

While Jones is specifically speaking to businesses in his article, I think this can apply to life outside of business. Parents, teachers, friends, and strangers can all take something away from this - whether or not they want to change their view of Generation Y is completely up to them.

Jones breaks down common myths about Millennials - that they're egotistical, unambitious, and entitled. He says instead, from his experience in working with Millennials, they're "confident, entrepreneurial, and collaborative," possess the "most unique set of values around how they choose to spend," and have a "willingness to listen to and investigate different opinions." He says they actually aren't "social media socialites," but instead crave true human connections and friendships.

To read Jones' full article, go here.

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