Loveland may be the Sweetheart City, but Colorado as a whole is home to a lot of heartbreak.

According to a new study from Compare the Market, the average Colorado resident will experience 2.71 heartbreaks in their lifetime — 16% more than the average American (we're not sure how there can be partial heartbreaks, so let's ignore that part).

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Coloradans take a little over one year to recover from each of these heartbreaks, meaning that Centennial State residents spend nearly three years of their lives being heartbroken.

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Considering that WalletHub recently ranked Denver as one of the best places to find love in the country, this may be surprising. However, heartbreak isn't just for relationships — the study also factored in the losses of family members, friendships, and pets.

Still, romance woes are the leading cause of heartbreak.

While Compare the Market didn't give a reason for heartbreak in the Centennial State, the agency did note that Colorado isn't alone — residents of Oregon spend over eight years of their lives nursing broken hearts (you guys okay?).

Regardless of why you're feeling the pain, make sure to take care of yourself.

"Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, also known as Broken Heart Syndrome, often occurs after an emotionally stressful event due to a sudden surge of stress hormones and may result in sensations similar to a heart attack," Dr. Marisa T. Cohen, Head of Couple Relations at Paired, told Compare the Market. "A broken heart is often associated with grief, and the effects of grief can be both physiological and psychological."

To battle the heartbreak blues, Cohen recommends accepting the situation, leaning on friends and family, and going to grief counseling if needed.

You could also hop on Match — Colorado's favorite dating app.

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