Following a concerning discovery of belongings to a man who reportedly failed to register as a sex offender, Fort Collins Police arrested the 53-year-old man.

53-year-old Sidney Hines was convicted in 2007 for Aggravated Incest and Sex Assault on a Child - Position of Trust. Due to his conviction, Hines was required to officially register as a sex offender.

When Fort Collins Police arrested Hines, they found children's underwear. In the release following Hines' arrest, police were clear to say that the possession of the belongings is not, in itself, illegal.

However, due to the circumstances of Hines' past, investigators found it concerning. Police also reported that the underwear are from the young girls' brand "Justice".

Police have determined the garments don't appear to be new and are further investigating them.

Assistant Chief Tim Doran encouraged parents to have important family discussions, saying:

We encourage parents to have age-appropriate family discussions about personal safety and contact police if they belive this clothing might belong to their child or if their child may have interacted with Hines.

Hines is currently booked in the Larimer County Jail and has been issued a $200 cash bond.

Police ask that anyone with information contact Detective Cpl. Tessa Jakobsson at (970)-221-6575.

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