A couple of 'restaurant' shows have come to Loveland in the last year, and now it seems as though another one is here to do their thing.

It was in October of 2021, that 'Restaurant Impossible' came to Loveland to help out Casa Real. They did make improvements, though not everyone was keen on what they did. 

It's fun when a television show comes to your hometown to film. I grew up in Loveland, and still get giddy when these stories come out. 'OOH! A TV star is coming to Loveland! Cool!' How many different cities/towns do these shows go to, all the time, and face 'yocals' like me? It must be in the hundreds.

Downtown Loveland's The Ball Joint was on The Cooking Channel's 'Food Paradise' in February of 2022, and really gave them a shot in the arm. Publicity, in the form of being on TV, does go a long way. The Ball Joint, however, was just showcasing their unique menu, they weren't getting advice or a renovation.

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This new visit sounds like advice and a renovation.


It sounds like Jon Taffer and the gang at Bar Rescue are coming into to help out a long time eatery. I've eaten there, had drinks there, many times. It's a very friendly place with good food. CJ's Patio Grill.

I checked out there Facebook page when I got the lead, and they are indeed closing for  a few days.

Faceboo/Cj's Patio Grill

I went over to CJ's on the morning of June 7, 2022. The parking lot had about a dozen parking spaces blocked off around the perimeter of the lot, and a some staffers were seated outside. A staffer saw me walking up to take a photo; we had a discussion:

We're closed.

I heard that Bar Rescue is coming, is that true?

I can't say... Non-Disclosure Agreement...

Here we are with another 'NDA' for the Fort Collins area. Interesting, no? I hope that things aren't in terrible shape for CJ's; I've seen Bar Rescue, and when Jon comes to your place, he's going to get in somebody's face, probably yours.

In the end, it's going to be great to get in there and see that they changed. I have a few ideas on what they might do, design wise. Hopefully, everybody walks away happy, with little tears shed.

TSM/Dave Jensen

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