Have you ever wanted to take a vacation, but the timing just wasn't right? Maybe the price was too high or you couldn't get a sitter for the kids. Sound familiar?

I have the perfect solution.


This weekend, I didn't travel too far from Fort Collins-- in fact, in Hudson, Colorado, where I ended up, my radio still picked up all of our local stations. For my best friend's birthday, she booked a very special AirBnB: a teepee.

We had an awesome time reading, roasting marshmallows, and playing UNO until the sun went down. Since the teepee was so close to the wildlife sanctuary, we literally fell asleep to the sound of lions roaring in the distance-- no joke.

Even though it was just for a night, our time 'away' was a great getaway, and I recommend anyone that needs a bit of space from the city to a staycation of their own. Maybe you'll even end up at Deko Ranch yourself, and if you do, say 'hey' to those lions for us.

Where in Colorado would you head for your stay-cation?


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