The Poudre School District is listening to the American Medical Association that recommends high school students start their day at 8:30am or later to support their education with better rest. Now, the PSD is willing to listen to you in determining which of four scenarios would be best for all. These are changes they are considering for the 2019-2020 school year.

According to the Coloradoan, a scenario committee has created the four scenarios that include the impact on families and costs. They are:

Stice, Alicia/
Stice, Alicia/

Status quo: Additional routes and drivers to keep up with district growth.
Scenario A: High School start time at 8:30am. Classes end at about 4pm.
Scenario B: High School start time 8:55-9am. Middle school: 8:05-8:15am.
Scenario C: High School start time 9-9:05am. Middle school: 8:30am.

The district will host public meetings on this matter on Thursday's in September. This will be the opportunity for PSD to get feedback. Also, they will be sending out a survey to high school parents and community members. Each meeting will be at a different location:

SEPT 6TH: 5:30-7pm @ Fort Collins High School auditorium
SEPT 13TH: 5:30-7pm @ Poudre High School auditorium
SEPT 20TH: 5:30-7pm @ Fossil Ridge High School auditorium
SEPT 27TH: 6-7:30pm @ Rocky Mountain High School

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