Recently, I've been traveling a lot. I find myself at the airport often, headphones in, ready to travel to my next destination. While some flights have been reasonable, I left for my last one around 2:30 in the I did not feel like talking to anyone on my flight down.

It was my return flight that made me wonder-- how many people are unlike me, looking for a genuine connection on an airplane? I don't think anyone was encouraged too much by the experience of #PlaneBae-- you know, the girl who met a guy on an airline, had someone else tweet about their conversation, and then ended up getting harassed off of social media.

I genuinely wondered-- is a plane a place for socializing, or a place for minding your own business?

Traveling has begun to wear me out, I have to admit, so the idea of talking to someone nonstop during a three hour flight sounds like my nightmare. I want to hear from you, though. Is an airplane the best place to get to know someone, or a time to keep to yourself?

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