These days, Fort Collins may be known as the 'Choice City,' but during the Prohibition Era, it was a different story. 

Thanks to the Forbidden Fort Collins Tour, locals now are able to journey back in time and see the dark side of the city's history, complete with bootleggers and brothels. The 90-minute walking tour goes through five blocks of Old Town and lets guests in on the seductive secrets of Fort Collins' past. Besides visiting the location of the very first saloon in the city, those taking the tour will also travel to the site of a bootlegger's murder, and the jail where his assassin was held. Guests will get to hear the tantalizing story of Fort Collins' most famous Madame, learn about the brothel where the city's first murder took place, and even get a first-hand look inside some of the most historic houses from this time.

Wild West saloon
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Forbidden Fort Collins Tour Departs from The Fort Collins Visitor’s Center located at 19 Old Town Square. Tours are offered at 6 p.m. throughout the week, by appointment. Admission is $14 for seniors and students, and $15 for adults - due to adult content, this tour is not recommended for guests under 18 years of age. The Forbidden Fort Collins Tour requires at least two guests in total. To schedule a tour, contact Suzy Riding at 970-690-7986.

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