Thanks to some news from back in January, every year could likely be the last that Elitch Gardens operates from its current location - which is actually its second.

But, starting tomorrow (Saturday, April 28th,) it's all systems go at Elitch's once again!

Season passes are $69.99, whereas a one-day pass at the park is $59.99.  If you buy a one-day pass online, it drops to $39.99, so even then a season pass pays for itself if you plan to go more than two days this year.  Another way to keep the price lower is to purchase your tickets at any King Soopers, where they're $37.99.  Go after dark, and it's $29.99 at the Elitch's website.  Also, remember parking is $15.  *Quiz at 3pm*

The 2018 season will feature more than half a dozen concerts, including Switchfoot, pop group Why Don't We, country star Chris Lane, and some Hispanic performances.

Some fun Elitch Gardens stats from 9 News:

Colorado's largest theme park opens on Saturday for its 128th consecutive year. Elitch Gardens has prepared for summer by ordering more than 100,000 souvenir cups, 200,000 stuffed animals and planting 7,200 pansies.

I've been to Elitch's twice ever.  I'll only go on a roller coaster if someone drags me to the turnstile, as my trust in 'coasters isn't the highest.  The second time was when my girls were babies, and I got away with spending the afternoon at Elitch's water park; but, Denver wouldn't be the same place without seeing the place every time I'm there.



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