A billionaire in our own neighborhood?  Absolutely.

Pat Stryker, local philanthropist and Fort Collins resident, has been ranked No. 309 on Forbes Magazine's list of US billionaires, with a net worth of $1.6 billion.

Stryker, best known locally for her Bohemian Cos. and Bohemian Foundation, is heiress to medical device and software company Stryker Corp., which Forbes reports sold $8.7 billion of replacement hips and other equipment last year. Bohemian Foundation is the force behind various Fort Collins events and community programs, including the annual Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest music festival.

Stryker also ranks No. 931 on Forbes' list of wealthiest people in the world.

It's nice having someone like Pat in the community, who uses her resources to give something back to benefit all of us.  It makes me proud to live in Fort Collins.

Way to go, Pat!

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