To quote Natalie from one of the most  iconic movies of my childhood, 'SNOW DAY!!! SNOW DAY! SNOW DAY! SNOW DAY!' (P.S. Josh Peck, call me.) 

Fifteen years ago, there were no means to instantly document and share these exceptionally rare days when the snow piles so high that our lives get put on pause.

There was just this awesomely-choreographed music video from Hoku.

The amazing thing about a snow day is, no matter how old you are, you turn back into Natalie - and that's pretty sweet. It's obvious that the people of Fort Collins took the time to just be kids again following last week's storm; and in 2015, we can post about it on social media. Check out the 'we're not at work' moments from around town.

Odell Brewing Company

And New Belgium:

Or this mom/photographer in what appear to be the warmest boots:  

And kudos to our Tranfort bus drivers who braved some really icy roads:   

....And the cyclists because Fort Collins.   

These guys are sure an inspiration to me. 6 inches of snow or not, they get here on their bikes. Impressive. @stevo14r...

Posted by become fit Fort Collins on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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