Super Bowl LIII was, for the most part, pretty uneventful. If the most-talked about moment was Adam Levine taking his shirt off, that says something. But, the throwdown between New Belgium Brewing and Budweiser after Bud's Super Bowl ad? Now that's worth watching.

Things are getting a little heated on Fort Collins' turf between two breweries that call Northern Colorado 'home.' During the Super Bowl LIII ads, Budweiser and its Clydesdales made the big announcement that their brewing is going 100 percent wind powered.

Enter New Belgium Brewing, powered by wind for 20 years. While New Belgium simply congratulated Budweiser for joining the movement, it's clear from the comments that their craft-brew-lovin' followers thought the ad's message, well, blew. (The dog was cute though.) #JustCameHereFortheComments

Via @NewBelgium on Instagram

Anyway, here's Adam Levine taking his shirt off again.

Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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