We've had some cold mornings recently, but let's face it, it can get a LOT colder here in Colorado at this time of year. Even though our temperatures aren't quite as extreme here on the Front Range as opposed to the Western side of the Rockies, temps can change drastically and dramatically.

Weather temps in Fort Collins have been officially kept since 1893 and according to Fat Vox, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Fort Collins was -41, which occurred on February 2nd, 1951. The coldest temp ever recorded  in Colorado occurred about 150 miles west of Fort Collins on February 1, 1985, where the mercury dipped down to a NIPPY -61 degrees. BRR.

In contrast, the hottest day in Fort Collins happened fairly recently on July 21, 2005, when the high temp was 103 degrees. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the state occurred on July 11th, 1888, when the temp reached 114 degrees in Bennett, which is about a 90-minute drive southeast of Fort Collins.

Since moving to Colorado a few months ago, I've found that not only is there an abundant amount of sunshine (which is awesome) here, but the temperature swings are pretty drastic as well. I'm sure you remember this past September, when we went from an almost 100-degree day and to a snowstorm.

For me, it's quite a change after moving down from Washington. There, temperatures were very steady and consistent for the most part (and we could mostly expect clouds and drizzle this time of year). We would see days, even weeks of consistent temperatures, with both highs and lows staying pretty much the same every day and night.

But here in Colorado, we have the increased elevation and mountainous region that creates entirely different expectations and quite frankly, I LOVE it.


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