The former C.B. & Potts restaurant and taphouse could become the location of new student housing being planned in Fort Collins.

You know me, I hate student housing and think it gives students a false reality of what living in Fort Collins is really like, while breeding a sense of entitlement. But with a growing student and non-student population, adding more living options to the Fort Collins landscape is probably not a terrible idea (no matter how "fluffy" the student housing will likely be).

According to the Coloradoan, the real estate development and management company that recently bought The Summit student housing has proposed building 212 student apartments at 1415 W. Elizabeth Street, the former home of C.B. & Potts until it moved to Foothills Mall. This new complex, named The Hub on Campus Fort Collins, would include a 5-story building with 395 beds, a 3-story parking garage, and around 8,000 square feet of retail space.

The developer has a contract to purchase the property but it could take several months before any final decisions are made on where they'll end up building the student housing complex (they're looking into other potential sites).

Like I said, I think the student housing options in Fort Collins are too fancy, so the idea of having more of these places popping up just makes me cringe with disappointment that the students won't get a realistic idea of what "making it" in Fort Collins actually looks like. But hey, it's not my money to spend.