Everyone in Colorado gets a "kick" out of fainting goats. They get too excited, get all stiff, and then fall over.

One establishment in Colorado has taken their love of them to another level.

Three levels, to be exact.

There's a bar in Denver that if you haven't been, you need to check out.

Fainting Goat Pub in Denver
Facebook/The Fainting Goat Pub

The next time you plan a trip to Denver, you may want to grab a bite and a beer at a place named after fainting goats- The Fainting Goat Pub.

Where Is The Fainting Goat Pub?

It's just east of Speer Boulevard and 8th Avenue, on Broadway.

Fainting Goat Pub in Denver
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They Are Not Broncos Fans

The Fainting Goat's second floor is dedicated to watching the Falcons play. However, they have plenty of TVs.

The Building is Much Older Than The Bar

There's nothing like enjoying a good meal and some drinks in an old building. You sit and wonder what the building used to be, and who used to hang out there.

Fainting Goat Pub in Denver
Facebook/The Fainting Goat Pub

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The Fainting Goat's building has been around since 1903.  For a long time, it was home to Moon Time Bar & Grill, a place that everybody seems to have loved. The Fainting Goat seems to have picked up where Moon Time left off:

Great place. Nice dark bar to belly up to. My friend and I came here for lunch before an art show down the street. My friend Ann will always get breakfast ~ me? Lunch. She had the eggs and hash. She loved it. I went with the
Reuben and tater tots. Fantastic. My vote for best Reuben in Denver. Fight me   - Yelp Review.

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How Long Has The Fainting Goat Been Around?

Mark Holland opened The Fainting Goat in 2008. It was bought by Chris Potter in 2019, and in 2023 it was bought by Andrew and Sarah Peterson who are trying to keep it as a neighborhood pub everyone wants to be at.

 What Kind of Food Do They Have?

They're big on great pub food: Burgers, wraps, sandwiches, mac & cheese. etc. On Tuesdays, they have 3 tacos for $10.

The Rooftop Bar Looks Terrific

I'm not sure how many rooftop patio bars that the Denver area has, but The Fainting Goat's has to be among the "coolest."

Fainting Goat Pub in Denver

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