Almost every Coloradan dreams of having a bank account filled with oodles and oodles of money. Winning a lottery jackpot would be one way to get that done. How does Colorado rank?

How often to you play? Every day, or maybe just once in a while?  What would be the first trip you'd take if you won a jackpot? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a look at how Colorado ranks when it comes to winners.

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The Powerball and Mega Millions, are the two biggest lottery [games] in America. They've made more than a few people across America very rich, they've also dashed a lot of dreams.

Has Anyone in Colorado Ever Won a Powerball Jackpot?

Colorado has seen three jackpot winners. With the game dating back to 1992, that's not a lot, but It does "beat a stick in the eye," as they say.

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What State is the 'Luckiest' When It Comes to Winning a Jackpot?

It would seem that if you want to move in order to increase your chances of winning, Delaware would be the place to go.

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A guide to online casinos,, dug into date surrounding lottery wins"

...analyzed the number of national lottery winners in each state (Mega Millions and Powerball) and scaled this to local populations to determine where has the highest ratio of jackpot wins per 100k residents. 

How Did Delaware Rank, Exactly?

When it comes to winning the Powerball jackpot, Delaware has seen ten people in the state win, since Powerball started in 1992. That means that there have been 0.97 wins per 100k people 

How Does Colorado Rank When it Comes to Powerball/Mega Millions Winners?

Out of the 10 "unluckiest" states on the CasinoUS list, Colorado comes in at #5.

...the states with the fewest winners came out as Colorado and Virginia, with just 0.05 and 0.03 wins per 100.


On the Bright Side, Wyoming Did Much Worse

...the unluckiest states of all were Mississippi, North Dakota and Wyoming, which have never had a national lotto jackpot between them.

Get Lucky: Luckiest Spots to Buy a Mega Millions Ticket Around Northern Colorado

Rather than purchasing a lottery ticket from just any random place, press your luck by drawing some numbers at a spot that has a reputation of producing big Mega Millions winners.

Keeping scrolling to see where the luckiest spots to buy a Mega Millions Ticket in Northern Colorado are:

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Stacker compiled a list of the 15 largest lottery jackpots in U.S. history from news reports and lottery press releases. [This list is current as of July 25, 2023.]

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PRESS YOUR LUCK: Luckiest Lottery Locations in Colorado

There is no proven method saying that one store has better odds than another but here is a list of the 10 locations around Colorado that have had the most luck selling winning tickets to customers.

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