Greeley Police Department offers 3 sites for their Drug Take-Back Day this October. In an effort to make our community drug free and to make sure our environment stays healthy as well, Prescription Drug Take Back Days happen year round to safely dispose of the medication no longer needed. Prescriptions that are no longer needed or expired shouldn't be disposed of by flushing them because they get into the water system and they shouldn't just be tossed away either. Local police departments have set up sites for the prescriptions to be disposed of safely.

On October 27th, the Greeley Police Department has set up three sites for their Drug Take-Back Day for anyone with unused or expired prescription drugs to be dropped off. The first is the Greeley PD located at 2875 w. 10th Street, the second one is at Sam's Club in Evans (3247 23rd Ave) and the third location is at UNC at the University Center on 2045 10th Ave in Greely. They have a list of all the items that shouldn't be dropped off at these sites as well. Make sure that our water and community stay safe by utilizing these Drug Take Back Days!

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