Donald Trump had a hard time remembering Mike Shanahan's name during his rally at the Budweiser Events Center on Monday night.

First of all, I have to be up front and say I wasn't filming his entire speech, so all you're going to see in this video is a fraction of what was said. But I can tell you that from my point of view, this situation was getting pretty awkward.

Broncos fans know what a big deal Mike Shanahan was for the team, and the coach was a household name (and still is) in Colorado homes until the end of his time with the Broncos. Obviously Donald Trump is not really a Broncos fan, otherwise he would remember the timeline of his friendship with the former coach, who laid it all out for the rally audience at the Budweiser Events Center on Monday evening.

I can't remember Shanahan's speech in great detail at the rally, but I do remember him speaking highly of Trump on a very personal level - how his hospitality at his various golf courses all over the U.S. was second to none, how Trump took good care of Shanahan and his guests, etc. It sounded to me like they knew each other pretty well. But when Trump came out 45 minutes later, it became evident that that was certainly not the case.

Madison Scruggs/TSM
Former Broncos coach, Mike Shanahan, speaks at the Donald Trump rally on Monday, October 3, at the Budweiser Events Center. Madison Scruggs/TSM

Not once did he ever say "Mike," "Mike Shanahan," "Mr. Shanahan," or "Coach Shanahan." Instead, all he could call him was "coach" or "the coach," wishing him and the Broncos the best of luck this season. Oh, and he threw in there how much of a winner he thinks John Elway is (and while John Elway certainly is a winner, he had absolutely nothing to do with this speech until everything turned to crud).

Okay, so Trump is clearly not a Broncos fan. That's okay. Also, I forget a lot of people's names, too, and that is perfectly human. But does it take much effort to make a note of who was speaking before you, their name, and all the kind things they said about you? No, it really doesn't.

Here's the clip I was able to get of Donald Trump awkwardly thanking the former coach whose name he didn't remember.

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