Well this one is not necessarily a shocker, especially since I haven't even thought about going on an airplane for over a year. Although I'm not going to lie, lately...especially since we moved to a level yellow, I'm thinking a little getaway might be nice this summer, especially with the airline prices so low. That's the good news.

The unfortunate news about this is the fact that the blow that this pandemic has given to the aviation industry is massive. According to Denver Channel,  passenger traffic dropped 51% over the year at DIA as the airport only saw about 33.7 million passengers. Sure it's still a big number but nothing near what is usually rolling through the terminals. In fact, that's the lowest number since 1997.

All is not doom and gloom though as DIA has rebounded quicker than most airports in the country and is still the third busiest airport in the nation behind Atlanta and DFW.

Mail, freight and cargo operations were big this past year with people sending and ordering SO MUCH stuff...in fact volume on all cargo carriers increased by by 8% while passenger volume decreased by 29%.

Personally, I'm looking at starting small and taking a short trip somewhere fun just to get away and build from there. My wife have already discussed and planned our first big getaway together...Ireland, and yes we plan on going to many pubs and drinking a pint or 20 with the locals.

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