Election season has come to an end, well at least for the 2016 Presidential race. But we know planning has already started for the 2020 race.

We all know that whoever wins the race this year will run again, and we can also add in the possibility that many government figures throughout the country will throw their hat into the ring as well.

Think about how many people started the election season with aspirations to be the next person to run our country. Do you really think we will have any less than what we have had in years past?

However, I believe we have many personalities throughout the state of Colorado who are not only qualified to run the country, but I also think they would bring a dose of reality and fun to the White House that is desperately needed.

So here are five Colorado celebrities who we think should make a run for it in 2020. Start getting those campaign signs ready, because the next race could definitely be a big one.




Need to learn more about Adam from Pour Brothers for his 2020 campaign? Check out this video:


And if you need to see what Dutch Brothers Coffee in Loveland is all about, and watch the fun that another one of our candidates has, check out this video:


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