We are still in the first half of 2020, and there's plenty more in store for us. Sure, we've dealt with Covid-19, and now 'Murder Hornets' (although the praying mantis can save us from those), but what about 'Super Termites'?

In New Orleans, LA, formosan subterranean termites are swarming! I wish this was fiction, but it is not. The six-legged, winged creatures have the largest population there of any city in the entire world. But they're not eating your home right away, they're arriving to move in.

According to experts, there are more on the way. There's also been an invasion of the 'Super Termites' down near Tampa Bay, FL.

The formosan species of termites are tiny, but powerful enough to chew through steel and concrete.

So prepare yourselves for 'Super Termites'. They should be here any day, given how 2020 has gone so far. If nothing else, at least with all the adversity we're seeing this year, we'll be prepared when the sharks with laser beams attached to their heads that Dr. Evil ordered finally come to fruition.

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