According to FBI background check data, over 300,000 guns were sold in the first half of 2022, alone. With more guns come the increased chances of avoidable, tragic, accidents occurring.

When it comes to gun safety and storage in Colorado, the state has a law in place that went into affect in July of 2021. It's to avoid the "unthinkable" and heartbreak, when someone who should not have access to a gun, does get a hold of one.



Nobody is looking to get into a heated argument about gun ownership, but I think most can agree that storing guns safely is paramount. There are just too many stories where a youth has gotten a hold of a gun within their household and accidentally shot themselves, a friend, or a sibling; and when a troubled teen or adult gains access to the gun to commit suicide.

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It's tragic irony when a weapon is brought into the home for a family's safety, and that weapon ends up bringing the exact opposite. Storing a gun safely is the responsibility of the gun owner, and the law serves to protect everyone from undue harm.

The Boulder District Attorney's Office recently posted information regarding Colorado's Safe Gun Storage law. It's great information, that we all should be aware of.


What Does 'Responsible Storage' Actually Mean?

  • The gun is on your person or -
  • The gun is so close to you that you can easily retrieve it as if it were on your body or -
  • The gun is kept in a locked gun safe or some other secure container or -
  • A locking device is properly installed on the gun or -
  • The safety characteristics of the gun are activated.

A Person Can Be Charged With "Unlawful Storage of a Firearm" If:

  • A gun is kept where a juvenile can gain access to it without permission or -
  • Have a gun accessible when a resident of the premises is ineligible to posses a firearm under state or federal law.

Minors and Other Unauthorized Users in the Home Cannot:

  • Have access to a gun safe's key.
  • Know the combination to the gun safe or storage container.
  • Be able to open other unlocking mechanisms.

When Purchasing a Gun in Colorado:

  • The licensed gun dealer must provide a locking device with each firearm at the time of sale or transfer. Failure to do so is a misdemeanor offense punishable with a $500 fine.

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