If you love hot and juicy burgers, this locally owned and operated Colorado Burger Bar is sure to be a new favorite on your list. Or is it already?

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Are These The Jucist Burgers In Colorado?

Colorado has always had some amazing options for burgers. Whether it was at the big chain burger joints or local burger spots, there's always been plenty of places to choose from to get your burger fix. Two years ago, Colorado was finally given its very first In-N-Out Burger and burger fanatics wondered how it could get any better. Then about a year ago, we got our first Whataburger in Colorado Springs. What if I told you though that there's a local burger restaurant that might put those two to shame?

Lucy's Burger Bar In Denver

Inspired by the "Jucy Lucy," which is a burger creation that originated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lucy's Burger Bar opened up in August of 2021 in Denver. Their specialty is, you guessed it, the Juicy Lucy, which is two burger patties, with cheese in the middle, and sealed corners so the cheese gets super melted and gooey in the middle. Sounds delicious right? As hard as I've tried at home, I can never properly re-create this delicious masterpiece. Lucky for us though, Colorado's own "Lucy's" has the art of this masterpiece covered. do they have the juiciest burgers in all of Colorado? Here's what you can expect during your visit...

Pictures From Lucy's Burger Bar In Denver

Hard to miss this awesome old-school marquee. The burgers are even harder to miss.

Now that's a juicy burger. They do warn you, as seen here, to let it cool a few before biting in. That cheese in the middle is gooey and hot.

Who would you share one of these juicy burgers with?

No meat for you? All good. They have vegetarian options like their bomb grilled cheese too.

Serving them up fresh and hot, even late.

Hold the onions, please...

So cheesy... Looks so dang good!

If you're a burger fan, add Lucy's to that "must try" list and dig it. These burgers come out piping hot so watch all that gooey cheese so you don't burn your mouth or ruin your shirt. Pipping hot burgers sounds like a good problem to have though, so enjoy. Here are some more awesome places around NoCo to get your burger fix.

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