Celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Joe Jonas and even Jimmy Fallon are hopping on TikTok's new "Teenage Dirtbag" trend — and the results are truly nostalgic.

In case you have somehow missed the videos while scrolling your For You Page, allow us to fill you in. TikTok users have been using a sped-up version of Wheatus' 2000 hit "Teenage Dirtbag" to showcase photos of their teenage years.

More than 623,000 videos have already used the song on the social media platform, and plenty of celebs are getting in on the fun.

Watch Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" Music Video:

Of course, some stars are perfectly suited for the trend.

Take Aguilera for instance. The "Dirrty" singer referred to herself as "an OG 'Teenage Dirtbag'" in her video. She introduced the clip in full glam and then cycled through a few edgier photos from her Stripped era in the early aughts.

Madonna also referred to herself as "the ORIGINAL" and shared several throwback photos. "You had to be there," she captioned the video.

Paris Hilton proclaimed herself the winner of the trend. "This trend when you were one of the most iconic y2k teens," she wrote before revisiting her glory days as a glam young socialite.

Lady Gaga even got the approval of Wheatus with her video. "SOS," they commented. "Lady Gaga shattered us into a million pieces. We will never recover from this. Who knew there was such a thing as too much happy?"

Several Disney stars from the early 2000s also joined in, including the aforementioned Jonas Brother, Lindsay Lohan and Ross Lynch of The Driver Era.

Beauty influencer Jeffree Star embraced the trend to revisit his MySpace days. "Teenage Dirtbag forever baby," he captioned his video.

JoJo said that she "had to" share her pics, and Lupita Nyng'o called the song her "JAM."

There have been some surprising entries to the trend, too. For starters, Steve Harvey revisited his younger years — as did supermodel Heidi Klum and Spice Girls alum Victoria Beckham.

Check out these and some more of the best celebrity entries including additional throwbacks from Jennifer Garner and Gabrielle Union, below:

Celebrity Yearbook Photos

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