Yes, it happened. A Lakewood waitress was doing her job waitressing at Applebee's and checking a customers I.D. after ordering a margarita but as soon as she looked at the I.D. she realized it was her own.

Brianna Priddy had her identity stolen after someone had robbed her of her wallet in early February of this year causing her headaches after hundreds of dollars in bad checks were written.

Priddy was working her normal shift waitressing at Applebee's in Lakewood on February 25th and had a group of four sit down at a table in her section. After the customers sat down they were quick to order some drinks. Priddy, asking for their ID's, didn't realize she would be getting her identification back.

One of the customers handed Priddy her very own ID and Priddy kept a calm face. "I handed it back to her and said sure I'll be right back with your margarita. [I] went straight to the phone, called the cops," Priddy said.

The ID thief is facing charges of criminal impersonation, identity theft and theft.

In a strange twist, the woman who stole the ID was said to look nothing like Priddy, but was also 26 years old... well over the drinking age. Who knows why she was using the ID?

Just another dumb criminal.


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