If you leave work at the end of the day, and you're craving an ice cold margarita to get you in a good mood, October is the perfect month to get one in Colorado.

Applebee's, which has locations throughout the region, is selling one dollar margaritas all throughout the month of October and calling them "dollaritas".

Yes. One margarita is ONLY $1.

Please let me pause as I put together the change in my office to make a trip at the end of this day.

It's part of their "Neighborhood Appreciation Month", and you can take advantage of the $1 margaritas at any time during the day.

Want one at 1 p.m. to wrap up your lunch hour? Go right ahead.

Getting a group of friends together from work and need something to relax at 4 p.m.? You can have one then as well.

The margarita is served on the rocks and is available at participating locations throughout the country.

Applebee's has three locations throughout Northern Colorado, including:

  • 4306 South College Avenue, Fort Collins
  • 213 East 29th Street, Loveland
  • 4100 West 10th Street, Greeley




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