Identity Theft

Millions Of Target Shoppers' Credit Card Info Stolen
Have you used your credit card at a Target Store this shopping season? Your information may be at risk!

There has been a major breach in the department store’s credit card system that allowed payment data from tens of millions of shoppers to be stolen since black Friday.
Sensitive Data of 18,880 Colorado State Workers Lost
A lot of people who work (or have worked) for the state of Colorado have been getting notices from the state because a flash drive containing names, addresses, social security numbers and other sensitive data about nearly 19,000 workers has been lost.
Colorado Waitress Handed Her Own I.D.? [VIDEO]
Yes, it happened. A Lakewood waitress was doing her job waitressing at Applebee's and checking a customers I.D. after ordering a margarita but as soon as she looked at the I.D. she realized it was her own.
Brianna Priddy had her identity stolen after someone had robbed her of her wallet in early Febr… Customer Database Hacked, Change Your Password!
Online shoe seller says a hacker may have accessed the personal information of up to 24 million customers., is a huge online retailer the specializes in shoes, clothing, handbags and more. And they are facing a public relations nightmare and had to send out millions of emails …