No matter if you are turning 18, 29, or 40 in 2017, you'll still enjoy getting some free good for your birthday. But who in Fort Collins will give you a gift for your big day?

The national website Thrillist did some research on some chain restaurants throughout the country who hook you up with free stuff for your birthday, and luckily many of these restaurants are right around the corner from us here in Northern Colorado.

Do you like getting a cheeseburger for your birthday? There are some offers for those.

How about some delicious ice cream, especially if your birthday falls during the hot summer months? You have the chance for these as well!

So here are 10 options right in our own backyard that you should take advantage of in 2017.

Believe me, it can sometimes stink to get older. However, it all feels better when you can get older with some great food here in Northern Colorado!

Check these out, and let us know about any others that you know of!


***Remember to check with all of these locations ahead of time to make sure these deals are still in effect!***

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