Is it 'hiking,' '420-friendly' or maybe 'yoga?' Our super cool alternative rock sister station, 94.3 WCYY in Portland, Maine, has got the answer, actually.

They shared an infographic via Mashable, revealing what word is most used on online dating profiles by state. And, while up in Portland they may be swiping right on getting lost in the 'woods' together (at least, we think that's the kind of 'wood' they're talking about...), here in Colorado, to no surprise at all, we just want to hit the slopes with a special someone. 'Snowboarding' is our most commonly-used word.

Dillan86/ via Mashable Infographics

I could also see it being 'oil' or even 'hunting' -- but don't get me started on that. I'd rather date a snowboarder.

Now, can I just ask what's up with Illinois -- 'neighborhood?'

'HEY, GIRL, WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!' No, that's not weird, Illinois. You can see the rest here.