If you love free food, get excited because Colorado McDonald's restaurants are hooking you up with free fries for the rest of 2023. Here's how to get the hook-up.

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Free McDonald's Fries At Colorado McDonald's For The Rest Of The Year


If you had to make a list of the best french fries on the market, who would be at the very top of your list? I'd be willing to bet that McDonald's fries would be in at least your top three, right? While other fast food chains have had some good french fries over the years, a lot of them have changed the recipe or the fries altogether. Two that came to mind that I used to love as a kid were Wendy's and Burker King.

Wendy's went to sea salt fries years back and they never quite hit the same for a lot of people. And poor BK feels like they try and change their fries every few years. One french fry that has withstood the test of time and is still at the very top of its game though, is good old Mickey D's... And now you can get free McDonald's fries for the rest of the year.

How Do You Get Free McDonald's Fries?

The fast-food giant is showing some love to its loyal customers by giving out free fries every Friday for the rest of the year with "Free Fries Friday." How does it work? Download the free McDonald's App, spend a minimum of $1, and BAM! Free fries every Friday for the rest of the year at McDonald's. Enjoy, but save some for us, yeah?

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