We know Moises Arias as the annoying little brat from Hannah Montana named Rico, where he tricked Miley Cyrus into giving him a smooch on the lips. But what is he up to today, and what does he look like?

Not only did Arias hold a recurring role as Rico in Hannah Montana, but also made appearances on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Everybody Hates Chris, and Wizards of Waverly Place, as well as music videos for fellow Disney cast mates the Jonas Brothers and even Pearl Jam. Arias also had a lead role in The Kings of Summer, voiced Antonio Perez in Despicable Me 2, and played Sue Heck's boyfriend in 5 episodes of The Middle.

Today, he is something of the Colorado dream - with some serious facial hair.

The child star formerly known as Rico dotes messy and sometimes dreadlocked hair and lives the ultimate Boulder trustafarian lifestyle, as seen on his Instagram account. He even has a septum piercing!

Fans cannot contain themselves over these incredible photos.

"I FOUND RICO!" said one Instagram user to her friend.

"Omg he is hot asf," said another.

"Papi," commented another, expressing her love and admiration for the Colorado native lookalike, while another said this of the following photo: "This low key scared the s*** out of me."

Wait, is that Elitches!?

No, that's definitely not Elitch Gardens because he doesn't actually live in Colorado (he just looks like he does). If you're wondering what happened to sweet little Rico, don't worry - Moises Arias is still as normal as Hollywood stars can be: he's friends with super child stars Jaden and Willow Smith and Kylie Jenner (before she got lip fillers).

I feel like he is going to make some kind of major comeback as this megastar and become the next Shia LaBeouf. You could see that happening, right?

So maybe this isn't quite the before and after transformation you were hoping for. Take a look at the guy who played the "chocolate cake kid" in Matilda, though. He's a TOTAL HOTTIE!

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