This regulation hottie had his cake and ate it, too. (Quite literally.)

If you're millennial like me, you definitely remember watching Matilda. And if you've seen Matilda (which, I sure hope you have), one of the most memorable scenes for you will be that pudgy kid, Bruce Bogtrotter, eating a whole chocolate cake by himself.

Here's a refresher:

Well, Bruce was a caterpillar back then. Today, he is a beautiful butterfly!

We all go through transformations, and let's just say...puberty treated Bruce (a.k.a. Jimmy Karz) very well. The before and after photo below? Yea, that's really him!

Wowza! Who would've thought this was possible!?

Not sure what Bruce/Jimmy's beauty secrets are, but let's pretend it was the chocolate the ocean. (Had to go there.)

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