Attention Colorado shoppers: Over 21,000 pounds of that frozen pizza in your cart may have been recalled for listeria contamination. Noooo, not the PIZZAAA.


According to Refinery29, (literal) tons of frozen pizzas are being recalled for possible listeria contamination. While they report that there haven't been any illness claims yet, the USDA is issuing a recall on frozen Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizzas as a precaution.

These Marketside pizzas were distributed to Wal-Mart stores in several states, including Colorado.

Sausage, pepperoni; Supreme pizzas come with a lot of toppings, but listeria is one you probably want to leave off.

(Well, that and pineapple -- am I right? Just kidding. I think pineapple goes on pizza. YEAH, I SAID IT.)

So, check your freezer. If you have one of those in there gathering frost -- toss it!

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