The Fort Collins pizza restaurant Totally 80's Pizza has added another piece of memorabilia to their collection.

Last week, we told you about the abrupt departure of the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Fort Collins after 40 years of business. Now, the owner of Totally 80's Pizza said on Facebook that he happened to be walking by the store on the day of its closing and noticed the poor, discarded form of our favorite animatronic mouse sitting in a dumpster out front.

This is what happened next in his own words from Facebook:

He was thrown out like yesterdays trash. I climbed in to save Mr. Cheese and now Totally 80's Pizza has it it's possession Chuck E. Cheese who entertained thousands of children since 1989. A little creepy looking? sure. But he is too important and historical to be just thrown in the garbage. We will be cleaning him up and putting him on display in the near future. So, even though Chuck E Cheese Pizza is no more, you will still be able to visit your old friend at Totally 80's Pizza.


Totally 80's Pizza was recently reviewed by Townsquare Media's afternoon host, Dave Jensen. Check out the review HERE.


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