You may have your holiday shopping done and out of the way, but are you sure your gifts haven't been recalled?

All sorts of products are recalled, often on a weekly basis. After a quick look at, I found 5 alarming, weird, and "what-a-waste-of-my-money" recalls that you'll want to pay attention to this holiday season, as I'm still filled with doubt and fear even though the companies are trying to prevent bad things from happening to good people like you and me.

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    Crossbows that can accidentally shoot people

    Crossbows are not only great for killing zombies or sitting under the Christmas tree - they're also great for shooting things, so OF COURSE there's an injury hazard with crossbows, right? Right...except these crossbows are so hazardous they need to be recalled.

    Barnett Outdoors is recalling its crossbows because "the sensor that senses whether an arrow is properly loaded can malfunction, which can cause the crossbow to fire unexpectedly."

    As they say, "you'll shoot your eye out, kid!" (With a crossbow instead of a BB gun...)

    Get more information about this recall here.

    Barnett Outdoors via
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    Menorahs that melt

    ...No, it's not just the candles that are melting.

    Target had to re-announce its Menorah recall earlier this month because people don't understand how dangerous these babies are. (I hope you sense my sarcasm there.) According to the recall, the menorahs "can melt when the candles are burning, posing a fire hazard." Whoops.

    Get more information about the recall here.

    Mario Tama/Getty Images
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    Playground slides that can amputate phalanges

    Probably the most frightening recall of all time. (At least it's darned close to the scariest.)

    According to the recall of Playworld's Stainless Steel Playground Slides, the "weld between the slide bedway and sidewall can crack and separate," posing a threat to children's fingers which could get caught in the space.

    More information about the recall can be retrieved here.

    Playworld via
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    Mountain bike shock absorbers that do just the opposite

    When you get a shock absorber for your bike, hopefully it'll prevent falls and injuries. Unfortunately these do just the opposite.

    Fox Factory is recalling its mountain bike shock absorbers because the rear "outer sleeve can rupture, allowing the sleeve to come in contact with other bicycle parts or the rider," which can obviously lead to falls and injuries.

    Get more information about the recall here.

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    Heavily-scented candles that can cut you

    We all know and love Yankee candles for their delicious scents. None of us want to know them for slicing our hands.

    Yankee Candle is recalling its Luminous Candle Collection because the glass jar can crack when the candle is lit, obviously a dangerous situation.

    Get candle recall information here.

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