You thought it wasn’t happening anymore. You were wrong. It still happens and it’s on its way to Northern Colorado. Will you protest? Or will you go, knowing it’s about entertainment and earning a buck?

Boxing ring

‘Half the size, twice the violence!’

It is NOT called ‘Midget’ wrestling, though what you think happens does happen. Men and women who are little persons compete/wrestle in a ring.  It’s the Micro Wrestling Federation- much like the WWE, only each competitor must be under 5 feet tall. They pound, they jump and fly off the top rope, they scream. They have a great time doing it all, too!

You have to admire the spirit of the self-proclaimed ‘Micro Superstars.’ Their site talks about how they have all gone through a lot of adversity in their lives, but they know that though they’re at a disadvantage height-wise, dreams do come true.

This is the latest in non-traditional sporting events for Northern Colorado, as what used to be called ‘Lingerie Football’ has returned as ‘Women’s American Football’- with the Denver Dream making their home at the Budweiser Events Center.  

Windsor’s MWF event will take place on a rowdy Wednesday night: August 23, 2017, at Pelican Lakes, out on the event island. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. The show/event will start at 7 pm; and from what I’ve seen of these guys and what I’ve heard locally, there’ll be tons of additional fun afterward at the Sand Bar at Pelican Lakes.

May I say, ''Merica!'

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