After canceling the second leg of his Purpose tour, Justin Bieber got a lot of harsh criticism from fans who had spent a lot of money on tickets to see the star.

This included some in Denver, who had been lying in wait to see Bieber perform in August at Denver's Mile High Stadium.  As of today on Instagram, however, Bieber has finally issued a statement:

Bieber cites his broken relationships and battles with his insecurities, but also talks about wanting to maintain a "sustainable" path for his career.

August wouldn't be the first time that Bieber would have made his way to Denver, and in fact, The Know cited his subpar performance from the last show he put on in Colorado:

But for every close up, Bieber looked more than cooly aloof — he looked disinterested. It’s a face you can see at any Applebee’s around the dinner hour: a tired twenty-something in the trenches, just trying to finish their shift. (Source)

Bieber obviously wants to make sure his fans all over the states remain fans and only get the best performance they can get.  Kudos to this kid for taking a mental health break, even if it is at Denver's expense-- we all need one, sometimes.

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