The 2017/18 CSU college students are here, the first CSU game is coming up August 26th against Oregon State, and that means our brand new stadium is ready for action.

Tomorrow (Saturday, 8/5/17,) the stadium is having an open house, and we hope you'll join us!

Some highlights to expect:

-A live concert from Colorado's own Brent Cowles.  (Sample his music below.)

-An ice cream social, which includes must-try popsicles from the locally-sourced Fort Collins grocery outfit Revolution Market.

-CSU's first scrimmage game.  Kickoff at 1 o'clock.

Come see us from Noon-2, as we'll be on the north end of the stadium, on Whitcomb Street.

If you're interested in listening to CSU football games, our sister station Rock 102.9 carries each one live.