Colorado loves our sweet treats, and as we start to get closer to fall, it's almost chili and cinnamon roll weather. So that begs the question, where can you get the best cinnamon rolls in Colorado?

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Are Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls The Best In Colorado?

I remember as a kid going to the old Westminster Mall in yes, Westminster, Colorado. To me, there wasn't a better mall out there in the 90s. Not only were there hundreds of fantastic stores to shop at, but they also had a Chick-fil-A and the only Cinnabon in town.

With that mall being gone now for years, we had to turn elsewhere to get our Cinnabon fix. We have a couple of those around Northern Colorado, but are there better local options to get our warm sweet fix?

Where's The Best Place To Get Cinnamon Rolls In Northern Colorado?

I ran across a local Facebook post survey asking where to find the very best cinnamon rolls in Colorado, but more specifically Northern Colorado, and these were the top answers. Do you agree?

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