The bears are alert, awake, hungry and looking for some grub after a winter of cozying up in their dens and resting. In fact some are so ready to get out and about, they're coming into town and looking for a snack.

According to KKTV News in Colorado Springs, a young bear was seen taking a stroll through the streets of Colorado Springs and eventually decided to get a birds eye view up in a tree.

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Just for the record, if you ever see a bear whether it be in the wild or especially taking a walk down a neighborhood, it's best to just leave it alone. (If you've ever heard the saying "don't poke a bear" it's good advice and it's not just about physically poking a bear, which is REALLY a dumb idea. It also means don't mess with or try to get too close to a bear.)

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If a bear gets spooked or feels threatened, it WILL charge you, and with bears being able to reach speeds of 25-30 WON'T outrun the thing.

According the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, there are things you should and sometimes more importantly what you should NOT do if you ever encounter a bear either in the wild or in your neighborhood.

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