The bears are roaming around and searching to pack on the pounds before their months-long hibernation period where they will be all snuggled tight and resting for the winter months. That actually sounds like something I may want to try soon myself. With that being said, these same bears that are searching for food have been coming down into more urban areas to find it, and it can be exhausting.

That's what happened to this bear who found its way into a Denver area backyard in the Highlands Ranch neighborhood recently.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, reports of a black bear sighting on Dad Clark Drive and University Boulevard brought officials to the area where the bear was found. They safely subdued the beat and relocated it in the wilderness for both the residents' safety and the safety of the bear.

As you can see, the bear is just chilling, trying to get a breather and possibly come up with another game plan to find some food before turning in for the season. During the later months of their active season, they can eat up to 20,000 calories a day.

Shout out to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for not only keeping us safe but doing such a great job at keeping the animals safe while putting them back into a more proper environment for them.  

  Talk about an up-close look:


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