Ben used to be an archery target behind a home in Colorado. I say "used to" in past tense because Ben the bear archery target was completely taken apart by a real bear as a security camera video shows.

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This happened a few days ago in Glen Haven, Colorado. Here's how the guy who shared the video described what happened to Ben:

This game camera video was taken in our yard on the evening of 5/17/2022 (1:08 am). Ben is the name of our bear archery target.

Ben was the archery target. Now, Ben is in multiple pieces.

If you're not familiar with Glen Haven, Colorado, it's just northeast of Estes Park which means it's completely surrounded with forests (and therefore bears). If there were such a thing as a bear census, I'd bet my bottom dollar there are more bears there than people easily.

As for bear decoys, thanks to this apex predator there is now one less than there used to be.

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